Discovery Networks (1994-2005)

Socially-conscious documentaries.  Ground-breaking daytime series.  Critically-acclaimed prime-time specials.  Executive-in-charge of million-dollar studio and field productions.  From production assistant to executive producer – eleven years at one of the most powerful global media brands, building relationships and producing quality television programming across multiple media platforms.

From freelance production assistant (on The Making of the Leopard Son) in the documentary unit of Discovery Channel to (eight months later) a staff production assistant in Discovery’s Special Programming Unit, as part of the Discovery Journal series (1994-1996).  Two years (to the day) later, promoted to associate producer (1996-1997).  The following year, promoted to producer in Discovery’s daytime programming unit, assuming creative management of various TLC series: Travelers (adventure), Work in Progress (home improvement) and On the Inside (interview) (1997-1998).  A year later, promoted to executive producer – producing a portfolio of domestic and international documentary programs, reality series and specials – managing all aspects of production (1998-2005).

Partial Credits: Executive Producer: (Theatrical Release) With All Deliberate Speed (Pilots, Specials & Series) Debunked, Family Carnival, Flea Market Millionaires, Intervention House, Invention Showdown, Little People-Big Dreams, Surprise of Your Life, Addicted to Plastic Surgery, America’s Craftiest Animals: Raccoons & Squirrels, America’s Thrillmakers: Walt Disney World, Biker Girl, Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong: Buyer Beware, Danger in the OR, Extraordinary People: Not My Fault I’m Fat & Born Different, Extreme Aerialists, Human Cannonballs, Lost in the Wild: High Desert & Nova Scotia, Love Behind Bars, Mysterious Cliff Coffins of China, Papa Bear, Prison Medical, Profiles of Nature: Awesome Opossum, Beach Wars, Deer on the Run & Wild Turkey, Street Racing: Pedal to the Metal, The Real Family of Jesus, 2 For Las Vegas (Travel Channel), A Pet Story (Animal Planet), Dude Room, Forbidden Zone, Home Matters, No Opportunity Wasted, Now See This, The FBI Files, Travelers, Vital Scan; (for TLC) A Personal Story, A Wedding Story, On the Inside with Renee Poussaint, Reunion – Associate Producer: CIA America’s Secret Warriors, Final Judgment: The Execution of Antonio James; (for TLC) Great Books:  Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, Great Books: Great Expectations, The Roots of Evil, The Rosenberg File: Case Closed, Understanding Cars, Understanding Cities, Understanding Laughter.

These are some of my favorite programs that I executive produced during my Discovery Channel years (1994-2005).