PRIMOS, PennsylvaniaNathalie Dupree had several cooking series on PBS during the 1990s. In 1999, as a 33-year-old executive producer in Daytime Programming at Discovery, one of the programs under my purview was a craft show called Home Matters, which was produced by Banyan Productions, and hosted by 1981 Miss America, Susan Powell. Banyan had offices at 225 Arch Street in downtown Philadelphia, and I traveled there frequently for production meetings for both Home Matters and A Wedding Story, also produced by Banyan. When Nathalie Dupree was booked for Home Matters, I made sure to be in Philly during the taping; in fact, I rode in the production van to pick up Ms. Dupree at her hotel and drove with her to the studio in the neighboring city of Primos. Ms. Dupree was quite the raconteur along the way. By that time, I had been watching her cook on television for several years, and I had purchased a few of her books.

Nathalie Dupree was one of the first television cooks to inspire me in the kitchen. The first time I made gravlax at home, it was from a Nathalie Dupree recipe, found in one of her cookbooks.