2011: Season 2

In our second season, I began to find my voice. The social media response to the show encouraged me. The feedback I received, in personal e-mails and postings on Facebook and Twitter, satisfied my soul. More and more, I began to share the personal stories of my childhood and young adulthood that I’d held so close for so long. The walls I had so carefully constructed around my heart, to keep pain out, soon came tumbling down, and my tears began to flow more frequently while I was presenting on the program.

Throughout the year, I continued putting all of my available resources toward producing a program with the highest quality I could muster, given what I had to work with at the time. By year’s end, those resources had dwindled to a trickle, and yet I kept showing up at the wisdom table each Saturday morning, doing my work, digging deeper into my soul, for all the world to see and hear. It wasn’t easy, keeping it all going, but I was driven forward by the inner belief that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I knew I was on purpose.

In 2011, we produced 52 original shows. Here’s a look at some of them.