The Other Side of Thanksgiving

Tracing the “traditional his-tory” of the 1621 (first) Thanksgiving celebration between the Wampanoag and the Mayflower Compact survivors, from the perspective of the European colonizers of these United States of America. Talking about the European mindset of the Mayflower Compact settlers and the consciousness of a colonizing people who would grab land that wasn’t theirs to possess and eventually massacre many of the indigenous people encountered in the New World that became these United States of America. Tracing the story (not taught in public schools) of how the Wampanoag Indians ? under the leadership of Wamsutta Frank James ? came to organize their annual tradition of the National Day of Mourning at Cole’s Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts, held each “Thanksgiving” holiday. Exploring the origins of the “American” identity: how Indigenous Indian land was stolen by European colonizers; how Native Americans were conquered and killed; and how Black folks (and Natives) were enslaved and indentured as the formation of what would become the United States government evolved until today.

Michele’s “Thought of the Day.” (Participation)

The Red Pill Wake Up. Discussing how the 2016 Republican presidential win (the red party/pill) is an opportunity for thinking people to “wake up” spiritually, to raise their energetic vibration, and to come up higher in walking out their Divine Life Purpose ? with gratitude, humility, and joy.

Dante’s “Word(s) of the Week.” (Forgiveness & Healing)

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