Stepping Out of the Pack

This is the story of running with the herd and stepping out of the pack. Which one of those states of being best describes you? Now, moving away from the herd has its risks: you become a target and are more vulnerable to attack. Anyone who watched Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” – back in the day – knows exactly what I’m talking about. Moving off from the pack makes you more visible to those who would hunt you down – and take you down! Because of this, fear is seeking to keep you right where you are now – comfortable and complacent, with all the material things you think are making you happy. Fear, however, is a defeated foe. Spiritual warriors know this to be true: the eternal flame inside of you – your Divinity – is able to extinguish all the flaming darts and fiery arrows of the enemy that come your way. You have to know that, brothers and sisters. And once you do, you are eligible for the next level of success you so deeply crave and desire. [TRWBS #260 – University of Success VI: How to Accept the Challenge of Success – May 4, 2019.]

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