Show Notes #225: Winter Solstice II – “What did I learn this year?”

TRWBS #225 – Winter Solstice II – “What did I learn this year?”

Show Notes – Saturday, December 17, 2016

In this episode: Writer-podcaster-recovering television producer Robert Wesley Branch; television executive producer and business development consultant Michele Wilson; supervisor of civil rights intake complaints for the state in which he lives, singer-songwriter Dante Bonner; and jazz singer-songwriter-music producer Mai Maiesha. [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #225: Winter Solstice II – “What did I learn this year?” – originally broadcast on Saturday, December 17, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow #KeepItConscious #RealRawRelevant

  • [00:00][7:04] Tomorrow (Piano Solo)/The Winter Solstice (Excerpt from “Winter Solstice Science and Religion” sermon by Minister Eric Banner – All Souls Unitarian Church)
  • [7:05][8:08] Show Theme Song: Be Well, Be Encouraged, Be Inspired Every Day (Theme from The Robert Wesley Branch Show). © 2013 Written by Mai Maiesha Rashad and Robert Wesley Branch. Arrangement and vocals by Mai Maiesha Rashad. Keyboards by Leroy Scooter Taylor. Drums and additional instrumental parts by Derek Redfootz.
  • [8:27][28:42] RWB Talks. The Science and the Spirit of the Winter Solstice I. How is culture created? How do we create culture? Tracing the history of so-called “pagans” back to the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, which gives to us today the many modern traditions of the Christian Christmas celebration. Also discussing the ancient pagan origins of Saturday (Saturn Day).
  • [28:43][52:37] The Science and the Spirit of the Winter Solstice II. Continuing our conversation on how we (as human beings on the planet) create culture. Tracing the pagan roots of spirituality back to the ancient Lemurians, the Atlanteans, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. Also exploring Norse mythology and the sacred origins of our modern day Christian Christmas traditions.
  • [52:38][59:47] Michele’s “Thought of the Day.” (“What did I learn this year?”)
  • [59:48][1:12:51] The Science and Spirit of the Winter Solstice III. Continuing our conversation on the spiritual and esoteric aspects of the annual winter solstice. Discussing the effects of solar and lunar energies on human beings. Also talking about the word “magic” and its esoteric practices (“magick”).
  • [1:12:52][1:16:16] Dante’s “Word(s) of the Week.” (Reflection)
  • [1:16:59][1:22:55] Mai Maiesha’s “Golden Basket of Quotes.” Discussing the work of Gary Zukav, author of “The Seat of the Soul,” among other books.
  • [1:22:56][1:34:35] The Science and Spirit of the Winter Solstice IV. Discussing the distinctions between the historical record (mostly written), the pre-historical record (mostly archaeological), and the “channeled” history that comes from Divine Mind (spirits, souls and avatars) through the ethers to willing (and spiritually open) human beings, who act as receptors to receive esoterically downloaded information.
  • [1:34:36][2:01:38] “What did I learn this year?” Co-hosts and I share on the life lessons learned in 2016.
  • [2:01:39][2:05:52] Closing Song: “Action Time” by Labelle.
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