Dwayne Wiggins’ “Passion Marks” – Behind the Curtain

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of D. Wiggins Productions, with a conversation around the premiere of playwright-director Dwayne V. Wiggins Jr.’s latest stage play, “Passion Marks.” I begin my interview with Dwayne V. Wiggins Jr. by asking about how he came up with the title of the play, “Passion Marks.” We then launch into a discussion of his play’s tagline: “Some wounds are never truly healed and are reopened at the slightest touch or word.” And then, one-by-one, we meet the actors: Dejuan Dorchery, Laurie McClay, Keith McLeod, Nicole Yvette, and Sabrina Herrington-Speights. (The Robert Wesley Branch Show #211: Dwayne Wiggins’ “Passion Marks” – Behind the Curtain. Recorded on June 4, 2016.)

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