2012: Season 3

In our third season, I experienced a shift in my consciousness. In June of 2012, I was spiritually awakened. A few months prior, in April of that year, as difficult and as painful as it was, I relocated from my apartment in suburban Bethesda, to the small coastal community of Ocean City, Maryland, where my family has owned a summer home for more than 25 years. I first moved to Bethesda on Good Friday, in April of 1996, to be closer to Discovery Channel, where I had worked as a production assistant for 2 years at that time. The office was just a few blocks from my home, and I enjoyed the close proximity. When I completed my 11-year assignment at Discovery, in January of 2005, I stayed in Bethesda. Seven years later, it was time to move on. On Good Friday, in April of 2012, I packed up as many of my things as I could fit into a small U-Haul truck and, in the wee hours of the morning, drove two-and-a-half hours east, following the rising sun, to what would be my new home: a modest upstairs bedroom in my parents’ second house.

I soon set up a small studio and resumed recording the Saturday broadcasts. After awakening spiritually, my approach to the work each week, shifted, deepened even more. I found myself moving away from covering news stories and drifting toward more esoteric topics. In my personal reading, away from the show, I was devouring history books, particularly those chronicling ancient Egyptian culture and spirituality. I discovered the Apocrypha. My soul opened up. My mind expanded. My frequency quickened. My vibration accelerated. My spiritual consciousness elevated. A crossroads appeared before me, in a vision, and the ancient path illuminated my third eye. Intuition ordered my steps. I was led along the divine way. And as I traveled deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, I began bringing forward the sacred knowledge that was being downloaded to me from the cosmos.