The Evolution of You

Recorded just a few days after the executions of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, we are processing the pain, grief, anger, and outrage at the deaths of those brothers at the hands of police. I begin by sharing the story of 1973 New Orleans sniper Mark James Robert Essex, comparing his killing spree to that of the 2016 Dallas sniper Micah Xavier Johnson, who executed five police officers in cold blood during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) peaceful protest.

That leads us into a discussion of the real root of racism: fear of Black men and fear of the growing numbers of Black and brown people all over the world, as well as the dwindling numbers of white folks on the planet. And from there we dive into how to consciously consume mass media – with a filter – so that you are being educated and not indoctrinated. We talk about the “agents” among us: the agents are the architects (the framers) of this modern-day Matrix: they control the levers of power in this current celebrity-obsessed, material-driven society. And one of their major tools of control is mass media. Without a “conscious” filter, without being “woke” – you are a chess piece on the game board of the architects. You are being played. This brings up the critical role of the citizen journalist in this data-driven, tech-driven modern-day society in which we live. And that leads me to sharing on this principle: spirit governs matter – and how you can master the natural elements around you by raising your vibration in the spirit realm, primarily through meditation. 

I share a lesson taught to me by Nelson Mandela: You can defeat your opponent without dishonoring him. And that brings us to five “conscious actions” you can take to evolve your life and mind: (1) living authentically; (2) shifting from either/or to and/both consciousness; (3) resisting fear and dwelling above the influence of it; (4) pursuing your higher life purpose; and (5) finding and following your personal vision. Also, sharing on the spiritual traps of comfort, pleasure, money, and beauty.