“Conscious” Fatherhood

As we move about the planet, within our sphere of influence, on our daily path, at this time, some of us, brothers and sisters, are aware of some things. Some of us are perceiving some things. Some of us know some things. We are aware. Well, what does it mean to be aware? An awareness or perception of an inward psychological or spiritual fact; to intuitively perceive knowledge of something in one’s inner self – this is what we call consciousness. Consciousness.

A man who has begotten a child is a father. The first person of the Christian Trinity is the Father. A male ancestor more remote than a parent is called a forefather. One related to another in a way paralleling or suggesting the relationship of father to child – some of us call that a father figure. A male relative who assumes the rights and obligations, as well as the title of a father – some of us know this man as grandfather or as uncle. One who is the revered guide or most notable influence in another’s spiritual, intellectual or artistic development – some of us know this man as a spiritual father. And these fathers play different positions within the tribe. The forefathers. The grandfathers. The biological fathers. The father figures. The spiritual fathers.

In this body of work, we are talking about our family of fathers. And more specifically, we are talking about conscious fathers! What is a “conscious” father? Who is that brother?