An Hour With…

This is a story of father absence.

(Season 13: Episode #274)

This is the story of a creative soul I have known for 30 years.

(Season 12: Episode #272)

This is a story about a creative soul I met in the television space, yet another pilgrim on the narrow road less traveled.

(Season 12: Episode #269)

This is a story of the challenges that come with great talent and a natural gift. This is also a story of an Uncle (with no children of his own) who plays the role of a Father to a young Black boy who is becoming a man.

(Season 11: Episode #267)

This is a story of the sacred pilgrims you meet on that narrow road less traveled. She joined the series as a coach consultant, responsible for guest care before, during and after the shooting of each episode; one of the camera operators, he became director of photography; and we all worked together for two seasons on Iyanla, Fix My Life for OWN. About a month after we wrapped the last season, the three of us sat down together – Two Brothers and a Sister – to consider the life and spiritual lessons learned while making the series.

(Season 11: Episode #266)