Show Notes: Upleveling Your Mind (TRWBS #217)

TRWBS #217 – The Evolution of You IV: Upleveling Your Mind.

Show Notes – Saturday, September 24, 2016

In this episode: Writer-podcaster-recovering television producer Robert Wesley Branch; television executive producer and business development consultant Michele Wilson; and civil rights investigations supervisor, singer-songwriter Dante Bonner. [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #217: The Evolution of You IV: Upleveling Your Mind – originally broadcast on Saturday, September 24, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow #KeepItConscious #RealRawRelevant #StayWoke

Follow our Flow! (Some of the more memorable moments of this conversation.)

  • [8:11][8:59] In My Mind (Theme from The Robert Wesley Branch Show). © 2013 Words and music by Darren Dante Bonner. Arrangement and vocals by Darren Dante Bonner. Keyboards and bass by Kenya Brown.
  • [9:15][33:36] Upleveling Your Mind. Tracing the ancient Kemetic wisdom of DHWTY-Djehuty-Tehuti-Thoth-Hermes-Mercury to the natural laws and spiritual principles found in the Kybalion, focusing on the concept of Mentalism.
  • [33:37][44:28] Six Degrees of Separation. From ancient Egyptian “Thoth” to our English word “thought” – words, just like people, have a history. Taking a second look at the words we use every single day – that have a hidden history (and spiritual power) that is unfamiliar to many people.
  • [49:14][1:16:29] Michele’s “Thought of the Day.” Evolving in the Midst of Turmoil. Michele uses the Charlotte protests (arising from the Keith Lamont Scott shooting) as a backdrop to discuss bringing order to chaos energy: internally and externally.
  • [1:16:36][1:22:30] Dante’s “Word of the Week.” (Adversity). Dante connects the dots – from city to city across America – between police-involved shootings and protesters in the streets, bringing forward the spirituality of facing hard times.
  • [1:29:47][1:32:07] Fibonacci Circles, Cycles and Seasons. We experience life, not as linear, but as the Fibonacci sequence (The Golden Ratio) demonstrates: in circles, cycles and seasons. And each season brings new spiritual lessons at deeper levels of consciousness.
  • [1:32:07][1:50:08] “Rock” Bottom Brother. A crack cocaine-addicted brother reached out to me, via text, letting me know that he was going to “try hard to commit suicide today or tomorrow.” Sharing the soul food that brings you back from the edge (and the ledge) of despair: the end of self-hatred and a higher vision of yourself and your possibilities on this earth.
  • [1:51:10][2:09:30] Bibles, Bullets and Blood. Using the Charlotte protests (arising from the Keith Lamont Scott shooting) as a backdrop for discussing the long-term goal of public protest and the short-term impact. Also, reflecting on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “letter from the Birmingham Jail,” as a teaching tool for channeling raw energy and emotion through the seasoned filter of wisdom.

Books/Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Occult Anatomy and the Bible by Corinne Heline

The Emerald  Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean (Translated by Doreal)

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