“What are you afraid of?”

I open with a piece called “A Delicate Balance,” about the
tender relationship between loving someone and letting them be
themselves. After that, Dwayne V. Wiggins Jr. kicks off our
conversation – “what are you afraid of?” – by sharing what he is
most afraid of in his life (not being good enough). Michele follows
with her biggest fear (not being pretty enough). Then, Dante raises
his fear of failure. After everyone lays their fears on the table,
we then discuss how to conquer and control those fears – how to
channel the fears we hold into the faith we possess, so that we
can, then, manifest our deepest heart’s desires. Dante ends with
his “Word of the Week” (dream). (The Robert Wesley Branch Show
#201: “What are you afraid of?” – originally broadcast on Saturday,
January 24, 2015.)

Take a look/listen!

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