Show Notes #223: Toxic Masculinity: Breaking the Soul Ties

TRWBS #223 – Toxic Masculinity: Breaking the Soul Ties

Show Notes – Saturday, November 12, 2016

In this episode: Writer-podcaster-television producer Robert Wesley Branch; television executive producer and business development consultant Michele Wilson; civil rights investigations supervisor, singer-songwriter Dante Bonner; and jazz singer-songwriter and music producer Mai Maiesha. [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #223: Toxic Masculinity: Breaking the Soul Ties – originally broadcast on Saturday, November 12, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow #KeepItConscious #RealRawRelevant

  • [[00:00][14:51]] Klansville U.S.A. (Excerpt from BBC Documentary)
  • [[14:52][15:54]] Show Theme Song: Be Well, Be Encouraged, Be Inspired Every Day (Theme from The Robert Wesley Branch Show). © 2013 Written by Mai Maiesha Rashad and Robert Wesley Branch. Arrangement and vocals by Mai Maiesha Rashad. Keyboards by Leroy Scooter Taylor. Drums and additional instrumental parts by Derek Redfootz.
  • [[15:55][18:58]] Excerpt from Donald Trump Acceptance Speech
  • [[18:59][1:00:53]] RWB Talks. Racism, Religion, the KKK, and the Silent Majority. Reeling from what for many was the surprise election of “45” to the presidency of the United States, we are discussing the reality of white nationalism now being at the center of American politics. Recorded just days after the 2016 election of our new president, we are also examining the role race, religion, the KKK, and what Nixon coined “the silent majority” played in the election of “45.”
  • [[1:00:54][1:05:03]] Commercial Break #1
  • [[1:05:04][1:39:46]] Toxic Masculinity #BoysDontCry. Morehouse College graduate and singer-songwriter-producer Jamel Smith discusses his digital platform #BoysDontCry, an online forum on toxic masculinity where Black men and boys share their stories on how hypermasculinity has affected the soul and spirit of who they are in this world.
  • [[1:39:47][1:44:09]] Michele’s “Thought of the Day.” (Compassion)
  • [[1:44:10][2:02:15]] Toxic Masculinity (the conversation continues). Continuing our conversation on toxic masculinity, we delve into how men don’t need to “find” or “get” their whole range of masculine expression (because we are born with it); rather, men must cultivate spiritual mastery around “allowing” their full range of masculine expression to unfold. We are also discussing the role of the Black Church (and Black male pastors and preachers!) in shaping cultural norms and ideas around what it means to be a man in modern times.
  • [[2:02:16][2:17:15]] Facing the KKK. Reading “Boardwalk Bigotry: The Day the Klan Came Marching Through My Ocean City Weekend,” an essay I published in the Washington Post on Sunday, September 6, 1992.
  • [[2:17:16][2:22:43]] Closing Song: “Tryin’ Times” by Roberta Flack.
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