Show Notes #216: The Evolution of You III: Involution. Evolution. Ascension.

TRWBS #216 – The Evolution of You III: Involution. Evolution. Ascension.

Show Notes – Saturday, September 17, 2016

In this episode: Writer-podcaster-recovering television producer Robert Wesley Branch; civil rights investigations supervisor, singer-songwriter Dante Bonner; writer-playwright-director Dwayne V. Wiggins, Jr.; and jazz vocalist, recording artist, singer-songwriter Mai Maiesha. [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #216: The Evolution of You III: Involution. Evolution. Ascension. – originally broadcast on Saturday, September 10, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow #KeepItConscious #RealRawRelevant #StayWoke

  • [[4:18][5:07]] In My Mind (Theme from The Robert Wesley Branch Show). © 2013 Words and music by Darren Dante Bonner. Arrangement and vocals by Darren Dante Bonner. Keyboards and bass by Kenya Brown.
  • [[6:34][23:01]] Evolution. Ascension. Amplifying on Jeremiah 1 and sharing on the spiritual origins of the soul before we were formed in the human womb, the journey through this earthly experience, and our eventual rise from this blue planet.
  • [[29:36][50:25]] As Above, So Below. Amplifying on Jeremiah [29:11]-14, we are sharing on the Divine (heavenly) thoughts, plans and assignments that were intentionally encoded into our soul-space – to be discovered, developed and walked out in our everyday lives down here below.
  • [[55:02][59:40]] Dante’s “Word of the Week.” Compass. Dante asks the questions: What are you evolving to? What is the direction of your evolution? A discussion of the science and spirit of “magnetism” follows. And that leads us into talk of Divine breadcrumbs and the importance of listening to your life.
  • [[1:20:05][1:23:33]] Dwayne’s “Inspired Moment.” The joy and wonder of unexpected blessings.
  • [[1:23:33][1:55:21]] Spiritual Law & The “Joseph” Factor. Using the story of Joseph (in Genesis 39) to illustrate the favor of God: the principle of perpetual increase in the lives of those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Also, sharing a story from 1988, when I met Jamie Foster Brown (publisher of Sister2Sister magazine) in Austin, Texas. We ended up sitting next to one another on the flight back to Washington and, in the few hours from takeoff to touchdown, I had talked my way into a job as her personal assistant. That’s the Joseph Factor: everything you touch, prospers. Also, sharing the story of a brother who I’ve never met in person: a recovering crack cocaine and sex addict, who relapsed and reached out to let me know. Using his story to illustrate the spiritual laws that bring us back to our feet after we fall down. Also, discussing the Law of Attraction and how the Matrix too many times materializes the concept to the point of making impure the spiritual value of that principle. Lastly, breaking down the esoteric disciplines of “sacred science.”
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Books/Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Occult Anatomy and the Bible by Corinne Heline

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean (Translated by Doreal)

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