Mastering Your Spiritual Gifts II

We are (in this show) celebrating 200 soul-satisfying conversations. About an hour before going on the air with this program, I received a call from my sister, informing me that a family member had fallen into a coma from a stroke, and was bleeding from the brain on life support. So I begin, reflecting on that reality, and how death teaches us about life. As we begin to unpack our topic – Mastering Your Spiritual Gifts – we first revisit comments made on December 24, 2011 (during show #100), when we first talked about discovering (and perfecting) our God-given abilities. After six years of doing this program, I often find it challenging to discuss spiritual gifts – mainly because the conversation seems to always stay at first base – and it has proven difficult for me to move the flow of the talk into deeper waters. I can never seem to get to the “mastering” part of the spiritual gifts conversation; instead, I always find myself at the “I don’t know what my spiritual gifts are” or “it is so hard to discover or realize what my spiritual gifts are” stage in the development of this topic. Every little bit helps, though. (The Robert Wesley Branch Show #200: Mastering Your Spiritual Gifts II – originally broadcast on November 1, 2014.)
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