How to Fashion Your Own Brand of Success

A Woman’s Worth (The Divine Feminine). Using FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s October 13, 2016 speech in Manchester, NH as a backdrop, we deep-dive into the spiritual power and purpose of the divine feminine principle, exploring womb energy, the balancing of masculine and feminine innergies, and mastering the abilities of the left and right hemispheres of the human brain.

Michele’s “Thought of the Day.” (The “Brand” Called You). Michele breaks down how to create your personal brand from an authentic place of embodying that which you are becoming.

Dante’s “Word of the Week.” (Educate/Educated). Dante breaks down the word “educated” and offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional ways to “educate” oneself.

Mai’s “Golden Basket of Quotes.” Mai Maiesha reaches back to the song “Pick Yourself Up” (from the 1935 film “Swing Time”) for one quick feel-good method for counteracting the occasional down-in-the-dump emotional “blues.”

How to Fashion Your Own Brand of Success. Led by the writings of Howard Whitman (1915-1975), author of Success is Within You (1956), we are exploring his “Five Constant Factors of Success.”

[The Robert Wesley Branch Show #219: University of Success II: How to Fashion Your Own Brand of Success – originally broadcast on Saturday, October 15, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow #RealRawRelevant #KeepItConscious #StayWoke
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