(Consciously) Creating a Year You Love

For a lack of vision, the people perish. So how, exactly, do you craft an empowering vision statement for the life you want while still experiencing the life you currently have? We’ll show you how. Many of us can commit our thoughts to paper, but are we using “words of power” that actually manifest the big dreams we desire? We’ll give you some examples. Have you been taught the sacred secrets of “I Am” statements? We’ll reveal them, as I coach one of my co-hosts, in real time, on how to turn passive words into active, energetic, mountain-moving prose that activates the soul codes and releases God’s creative power on your thinking and speaking and doing and being. The goal: to create a life ? and a year ? that you love! In this episode, you are in the front row as we dig deeper into an ongoing conversation about the importance of maintaining an active, imaginative vision statement for your life. It’s not just about how to write a mind-blowing vision statement, it’s also about how to use that vision statement to actually change your life. To make a shift: from the life you occupy to the life you love. In a very poignant moment ? one that needs extreme care to gently navigate through ? one of my co-hosts reveals why she’s never been able to “envision” her ideal man. By traveling back to a childhood scar that continues to leave an adult wound, I coach her through to a new awareness about possible next steps for healing the emotional pain she still carries. On top of all that, having recorded this show just days after my 50th birthday, I share the archaic Greek mythological and astrological story of Chiron, the wounded healer, whose planetary return occurs about every 50 years, bringing with it the energetic opportunity to (once and for all) heal old emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds. [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #208: (Consciously) Creating a Year You Love – originally broadcast on Saturday, April 30, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow
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