“Are you emotionally available?”

I begin this conversation outlining a trust issue I have with a family member. As the discussion deepens, I pull in some information from the book, “€œThe Emotionally Unavailable Man: A Blueprint for Healing,”€ by Patti Henry. We are then joined, in our second hour, by conscious business coach and psychotherapist Keri Nola, who facilitates a number of “€œa-ha”€ moments for me, as it relates to some of the stories I have told myself in order to erect a defensive wall around my heart to keep out hurt and pain – walls, by the way, that sometimes do not allow love and intimacy inside of the tightly held inner circle of my soul space. This was one of those opportunities where I availed myself of the psychological expertise of my guest, and I took full advantage of unpacking my soul in her presence. And at times, it got a bit emotionally overwhelming for me, but I soldiered on in sharing my truth. (The Robert Wesley Branch Show #199: “€œAre you emotionally available?”€ – originally broadcast on October 25, 2014.)
Take a look/listen!

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